Quick Keto Dinner Easy Meals

Using ingredients already in your pantry, these easy keto recipes prove anyone can be a star in the kitchen and stay in shape on the ketogenic diet.
After years—no, decades—of being rejected by health circles, fat has finally made its way off the banned foods list. And nowhere is its moment of redemption more apparent than the ultra-popular ketogenic diet. Who would’ve thunk that embracing full-cream dairy, whole eggs, and snacks literally known as fat bombs could come with benefits like weight loss and even improved heart health?!
But if you’re kind of at a loss for what to make after spending most of your life being bombarded with “fat = bad” messages, we’re here for ya. These 23 mind-blowing keto dinner recipes not only get the low-carb, high-fat thing right, but they also come together in less than 30 minutes, giving you plenty of time to go out and actually live your best keto life.

I have a knack for making things unnecessarily complicated sometimes. Really, who doesn’t, right? You just automatically think things are going to have more steps or require more work than they actually do. And you automatically think you have more time to do it than you really do.
You’re stressed, you’re busy, and you somehow manage to overlook the simple answer because you assume it just can’t be that easy. And then you find yourself looking back over things thinking…well I totally did that the hard way! Why did I do that to myself?
Like weeknight dinners. It goes without saying that weeknight dinners should be the easiest of them all because you have neither the time nor the inclination to spend a bunch of time in the kitchen. But you still need to eat! That’s why I’ve done the work for you. These are the best and easiest low carb dinner recipes you could hope for. You’re welcome!

Keto Butter Chicken

If you’ve only got half an hour to feed six people, this is the recipe for you. It’s a truly filling dish as 1.5 pounds of chicken breast is prepared with ginger, garlic, yogurt, coconut oil, and garam masala, among others, to give it a distinct taste. Plus, you can have this chicken with fresh cilantro and cauliflower rice.
Interestingly enough, this low-carb butter chicken can be made without butter — just replace it with ghee. This ingredient is like a dense version of butter and it’s quite nutritious as well. Consequently, one serving of this keto butter chicken packs 293 calories, 17g fat, 25g protein, and only 6g net carbs.
Check out the full recipe here: Cast Iron Keto

Chili Roasted Chicken Thighs

Do you only have 20 minutes to prepare dinner? This one is another chicken recipe. But this time, you need a mere five ingredients — not including the usual salt and pepper to taste. This dinner recipe works well not only if you’re on a keto diet but also if you want a gluten-free and dairy-free option.
Each serving contains 266 calories, 18g protein, 20g fat, and less than 1g carbs. And if you like this dish, you can prepare more than two pounds of boneless chicken thighs. This way, you can have it as part of your meal prep plan.
Check out the full recipe here: Cook Eat Paleo

Keto Beef Tacos

How about a Mexican dinner? This keto variation of tacos takes just 15 minutes to prepare. But instead of actual taco shells, it uses lettuce leaves to reduce the overall number of carbs. If you think that this meal isn’t heavy enough for dinner, remember that you need a pound of ground beef to make this.
One serving of these keto beef tacos is equal to one bowl. Each serving packs a whopping 409 calories but only 5g carbs. Moreover, you get 34g fat and 20g protein.
Check out the full recipe here: Keto Summit

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