Quick & Easy Keto Dessert

So you're following the keto diet: that means you can no longer indulge in your favorite desserts, as they are most likely carb- and sugar-heavy, things that are a no-go when you're now eating as the restrictive, high-fat, ketogenic lifestyle suggests. But not all hope is lost, as there are plenty of keto desserts out there, and you can make these recipes easily at home, too.
From a keto cheesecake to keto cookies, eating desserts when you're on the keto diet isn't impossible, and it can actually be rather delicious! Plus, these keto dessert ideas don't take much time either, so you'll be able to indulge in these low-carb desserts soon enough.

Keto Cheesecake
Yes, you can still have cheesecake when you're following the keto diet! This keto cheesecake recipe comes in at 320 calories and features a macadamia nut and almond flour crust combined with coconut, berries, and cream cheese to perfectly satisfy your sweet tooth.


Keto Peanut Butter Cookies

We've got another cookie recipe because just one keto-friendly cookie option isn't enough! Here, we have a keto
 peanut butter cookies recipe that is fairly easy to make, as it's a simple recipe. It's just four ingredients—peanut butter, egg, salt, and sweetener—that you stir in a bowl before rolling the dough into balls you pop in the oven.

Flourless Avocado Brownies

This recipe by The Castaway Kitchen is perfect for chocolate lovers. These fudgy, low-carb, and dairy-free, avocado brownies are sure to hit the sweet spot without packing on the pounds. The avocado and almond butter pack a ton of healthy fats, which is right in line with the keto diet, and it uses erythitol, the low-calorie sweetener that isn't quite as sweet as sugar. It also uses cacao powder for added richness and flavor.

Keto Raspberry Cheesecake Mousse

Sure, you've had traditional cheesecake, formed on top of a crust and sliced into pie-like triangles. But what about cheesecake mousse? This dessert combines two delicious treats into one, and it's pretty easy to whip up. Whether or not you follow the keto diet, this is one recipe that will have you coming back for seconds.
This recipe relies on Lakanto sweetener, a sugar substitute that's keto-approved. And while many fruits are off-limits on the keto diet, berries get the go-ahead, as they're low in sugar. Thanks to this recipe, you'll still get all the sweetness of a dessert recipe, without all of the added sugars.
To whip up this cheesecake mousse, you'll need a blender, a mesh sieve, an electric mixer, and a hand mixer or immersion blender. But once you've tasted the creamy concoction, you'll agree that it's worth the ensuing cleanup. A rich, keto-friendly treat that you can enjoy at home? Yep, it's worth the extra tools.

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