Fat Bomb Cream Cheese


fats Bombs are small fashioned snacks, maximum of the time on a sweet side, which might be filled with as much fat as viable and consequently gives you enough fat, you so war to get as per your Macros. They help you to feel full for a longer term with just a small piece. they're also perfect in case you do have a sweet tooth and need some thing tiny and candy to have. if so, i have few pieces in my freezer and simply take one and all of the craving is gone. 

Keto fats Bomb Cream Cheese Recipe Low Carb is a super addition to the LCHF manner of consuming. those deliciously smooth, rich and flavorful tasty fats Bombs are a have to if you need to up your fats intake or have a sweet yearning in our life-style.


  • 60g butter (1/4Cup or 2 oz)

  • 60g coconut oil (1/4 or Cup 2 oz)

  • 115g cream cheese (1/2 Cup or 4 oz)

  • lemon juice and zest from 1 lemon

  • 2 Tablespoons of Sukrin+ sweetener

  • little natural coloring (possible to use a bit of juice from a fruit or LC syrup)


  1. warmth up butter, coconut oil and cream cheese together in a microwave and mix it collectively to get a smooth paste

  2. add 2 spoons of Sukrin+ and lemon plus zest

  3. if wished or wanted add a drop of herbal coloring or a chunk of juice from a fruit or LC Syrup

  4. unfold the combination into silicon molds and place it into the freezer

  5. go away it for circa 1 hour

  6. Take it from the freezer, out of the molds and hold it within the Zip-lock bag within the freezer so they do now not melt.

  7. Use whenever taste for sweet and want extra fat

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